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We offer:

Medical Standby Services
Rescue / Risk Assessments
Emergency Evacuation Planning and Support
to the Sports, Events and Film and TV Production industries.

We provide experienced registered Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Life Support Practitioners with a Consulting doctor on call, however, if the event requires it, we provide Medical Doctors and Nurses on site as well.

With a full range of specialised rescue services, i.e. diving and aquatic rescue, abseiling, vehicle rescue and extriction and a dedicated fleet of film production medical and response vehicles, we are fully equipped to handle all medical emergencies, from minor ailments to major rescue situations ensuring the health and safety of the production crews and cast / sports organisers and competitors / event organisers and conference candidates.

We are proud of having set the bechmark in the industry for providing properly qualified personnel with the correct level of qualification for the job at hand.

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