Film and Event Medical Services - Ambulance Transfers


Unfortunately, often as a result of an accident or medical emergency, some patients are not mobile and require stretcher transport to / from medical examinations and follow-up medical treatment appointments.

In consultation with you and based on the patient's condition we offer:

  • Basic Life Support Ambulance Care;
  • Intermediate Life Support Ambulance Care;
  • Advanced Life Support Ambulance Care.
  • Via a pre-booked system for:

  • Transfers between Medical Facilities;
  • Transfer from Hospital to Step Down Care Facilities;
  • Transfers upon Discharge from Hospital to Home / Retirement Centers.
  • Transfers from Home / Retirement Centers to Hospital;
  • We supply Ambulance transfers from:
  • Monday to Friday;
  • Between 08H00 and 16H00 daily.
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