Our Crews and Vehicles

Our Crews

  • Our crews work with and are supported by:

  • The Provincial Ambulance Service Western Cape - METRO
  • South African Paramedic Services, ER24, Netcare 911 and Red Cross AMS
  • Fire and Rescue Services and National Sea Rescue Institute
  • Disaster Risk Management Services
  • We also have good working relationships with:

  • The SAPS Provincial Commissioner's Office
  • All Private & Government Hospitals

Our Vehicles

  • Ambulances

  • Are used to provide emergency pre-hospital care timeously for:
  • Conferences
  • Public Events
  • Fairs or Markets
  • School Sports
  • Film Sets and Studios.
  • Response Vehicles

  • Are perfect to provide emergency pre-hospital care timeously, even in harsh off road terrains which Ambulances cannot access.
  • They are ideal for:
  • Mountain Bike and Hiking trails
  • Remote Site Film Shoots